Lasagna with a V. (Get it?)

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. In which case I shall buy my future husband a life time membership at Pronto Pasta and Noodle Bar. All he would have to do in return is share the food (among other things)!

This is the order I place every.single.time. on speed dial:

“1 macaroni pasta with classic tomato sauce. Topped with sweet corn, mushrooms and cheddar cheese; 4 satchels of oregano and 1 lemon iced tea to wash it down.”

At the end of this meal I usually let out a satisfied burp that would put those typical pot bellied grandfathers with gastric conditions to shame.  But that’s only when I’m in private. On public platforms I express appreciation by professing lust on twitter. Repeatedly.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 8.13.54 PM

The “Pro”s in Pronto are as follows:

  • Bright, air conditioned environment, unlike other Bandra cafes with smelly cushioned seats bathed in pretentious, dim witted lighting (a.ka. Birdsong café)
  • Polite and fluent English speaking waiters
  • Camareros who are well acquainted with the menu to make sensible recommendations
  • A staff on the front foot to cater to your every need
  • Speed of light Wifi and generous plug points
  • Sweet and respectful delivery boys who remain calm even if your house is situated in a complicated location with confusing landmarks
  • They also carry exact change to the very last 50 paisa in their pockets should you hand them a crispy 500 rupee note
  • Also, they never fail to greet and leave with a thank you accompanied by confident eye contact and enthusiasm! (I could seal the deal with a good night kiss, but I think that would be taking it a too far).
  • Packaging that compliments its contents like a wonder bra boosting a lady’s assets
  • Fresh food oozing with tender, love and care
  • Considerate, reasonable prices
  • And Chemical X or a suspected Six Sigma formula to maintain that capital P for Perfection.

They turned a full 1 year old on November 1st, 2015. I of course had celebrated with a 50% discounted order. With its impeccable service, I am convinced that Pronto Pasta and NoodleBar will defy the cursed shelf life of Bandra’s rotating eating joints. Heck half of their billing comes from my wallet anyway. It is a gluttonous love affair that is sinfully delicious. Forget that future husband. Pronto my darling, I thee wed.