Bandra Base. Part Deux.

It doesn’t say so on my passport, but for all other practical purposes, I identify as being from Bandra. Bandra West that is. Here’s proof… Part one was this post. So of course there had to be a sequel. (Also because my Instagram profile isn’t public).

Sigh! It never ends in Bandra…

Looking Forward


Apparently, I’m good at taking ‘Urban Decay Shots’


Man In Blue


Blue is the warmest colour. Ironic in the Bombay heat.


Alley Cat


Siesta Key


Sunshine or Heat Wave? That is the question!


Red Hot Chili Tomatoes


Flowers mean ‘I’m sorry’. Chocolates mean ‘I Love You’.


Do you read Vogue?
Advertising at it’s whimsical best


Love Altar


He got nothin’ but time


“Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.”


Enter to win sweepstakes


When will my 7 years of bad luck end? #QuarterLifeCrisis