Ep 5: First Wives Club

For the 5th instalment of ‘Women Talking’, here are clips from one of my favourite chic flicks- First Wives Club. Starring the gems: Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, Bette Midler (and SJP in a supporting role. Holler Sex and the City!). Any film that flaunts female camaraderie always has my vote.

The movie starts with a group of 4 women in college pledging to stay in touch for the rest of their lives. True to their ego trips and fickle mindedness, they do anything but that. 20 years later 3 of them meet one another while attending the funeral of the 4th (She jumped down from the pent house of a Manhattan building to end her suffering from a bad marriage). Later, the 3 meet for drinks and spill their life’s problems to each other while inebriated. How fun! First, they talk about “Youth & Beauty, man”.

Then, they come clean about their marriages (in order of importance, see?)…

Once better acquainted and emotionally naked, they lay bare their innermost motives like women scorned (No, it is not World Peace).

The First Wives Club is founded and the end of the movie sees a party thrown by the leading ladies, dressed in ivory white. Aptly for the occasion, Ivana Trump drops by, in the flesh! Fresh off her divorce from ‘The Donald’ in real life and having secured a chapter 11 inducing settlement as a result; wearing black, with white pearls of wisdom, she gives the movie its bumper sticker line: