A bobbin’ iceberg-

Floating in a puddle of plans

Will I always be lookin’ from the outside in?

Peering above the brim,

Chin above water,


To wash up ashore

The Island of Paradise.

I see your full bloom,

Wanting to join it soon

My doubts I purge and ahead I surge

Charge and make haste,

Even if just to touch,

Not taste.

So much I have to offer

And much more to gain

It aches and pains-

The struggle to land.

The waves push me from you,

“Keep away from the sand!”

Under the full moon I meet some kelp.

“Do you need my help?

Floating the same,

Playing the waiting game?”

Yes! Friends we become,

“Here, hold my hand. Let’s see each other

To the finish line,


But, the currents pull us apart-

“Goodbye then! Wish you luck,

Get out of the darkness

In which you are stuck. “

There, alone I lay mid ocean

Yearning and Burning for

The inertia of motion

The stars gaze

At my helpless laze

I smile back. (A brave face)

Nodding and glowing,

They see my promise to sparkle.

“Do they like my show?”

We share a silent dance,

Exchange a fine romance

“A sign, a start

My fortunes will change!”

A line, a dart,

For me they arrange!

The sun rises with Moon fall.

Times are changin’

Surfs are swayin’

Nothing in between lies

You and me.

I steam ahead, hurrying south.

I hear your call,

Foaming at the mouth.

My dream, my goal,

The purpose of my soul!

I race through the Sun’s kiss.

Toward Happiness

Toward Bliss.

But alas, against the rocks-

My heart breaks

There is something I missed.

The water recedes,

Land toward me proceeds.

Smaller I turn, faster I burn.

Shrink and Melt.

How foolish I felt!

I tried my best to stop,

Resist the pull down.

Too weak and dejected,

I submit to the curse and


It wasn’t my time nor my crime.

Fate decides your ebb,

And prime.

“He is cruel, unjust.

Played me like a pawn.

Abused my faith, my trust”

My lone fight, my hopes, my fears,

All lost, without victory

In a sea of tears.

As my fire douses,

Becoming one with all,

I reach the shore in pieces,

To your feet I crawl.

A familiar face looks down on me.

My friend- the kelp,

Adorning the neck of my wish to be.

How valiantly vain, painfully plain.

“Remember me?” I whimper.

“Yes. You made it after all, I see.”

(My ice as diamonds better worth would be,

Than a mean mass of green-

temporary and free).

It’s their loss. (Mine too)

I could have been of more value!

Next time, Another try.

For now this breeze will pass me by.

My feelings hurt, but lessons learnt.

My bravado tamed and goal re-aimed.

Look out for me tomorrow,

‘Tis another day.

I see the moon rise near

And the sun set away…