Let Them Have Chocolate Cake!

Yes. You think right. Lavaanya Garg is the last person on the planet to be domesticated and have anything to do with cooking. However, now that I am a single girl, living in the city, plagued by hunger of Ethiopian proportions, I am forced to enter No Man’s Land, a.k.a The Kitchen. To feed my hunger pangs, I tried my hand at a 10 minute DIY-homemade-chocolate-cake stunt. Usually, I’m the type that simply gorges on the outcome of such boredom induced activities. But this time around, I decided to document this once in a blue moon miracle. (Yay. An excuse to use and abuse Instagram!) Plus, aren’t girls of this generation infamous for posting food porn?

Get ready to “feast” your eyes on my Khaana Khazaana: How to bake a cake in under 10 minutes


2 Eggs
Oreo and Bourbon cookies
2 Bananas
2 tbs of Sugar
Step 1 – Mash the oreos and bourbons into powder, mix them in a grinder if necessary.
Step 2 – Cut 2 bananas and grind them with milk, sugar and eggs
 Step 3 – Add the above concoction to the cookie powder and stir to make a delicious paste, like so:
Place this paste in a buttered bowl. Microwave for 5 minutes … And Voila! Cake!
Step 4– Don’t forget The Scary Cook and her Chemical X!