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Bombay Life: Pop Goes The Bubble

It’s not like I’m The Village Girl, but Pune and Bombay are on 2 completely different levels. Pune (my hometown) is a modern city yes, but it’s just the Jersey to Bombay’s New York. So when I moved into The City, I was eager to get my turn at the Helen-Gurely-Brown-Slash-Sex-And-The-City-esque merry go round. This is the city where dreams come true right? I wasn’t scared at all. Pune is a great incubator for yound women until they are ready to face the sea-facing metro. It’s the gals from Tier 3 cities (ones that I have only seen on a map, but never been to) that get the shock of their lives. These chics can’t grasp with the fast paced, matlabi, sink or swim mumbaia philosophy. Upar se the high cost of living burns a hole in their sequined purses.

How sad! I don’t have to bother with that though. My backpocket has a chunky wallet that is armed with an HDFC Debit Card. This is no ordinary Baap Ka Paisa. This has access to my very own, self made bank account. It’s hard earned credit balance is the reason for my aloof attitude. That attitude, suffice to say, no longer exists.

My rude awakening came when I realized it takes a lot of dough to just get by in Bombay. Basic amenities, food, electricity bill, taxi cab fares not withstanding- all cost as much as my rent. And I haven’t even started on my high-maintenance lifestyle routine yet! How the hell did Carrie Bradshaw afford Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos on a writer’s salary? Can you say Reality Check?

Whilst dating in Pune, I never allowed the guy to pay for me, always insisting on splitting the bill. But what with my current kangaal disposition, I have to shed my feminist independence and conform to the stereotypical, financial submissiveness of the weaker sex. Should you and I find ourselves in the middle of a date, be prepared to shell out some serious benjamins, CAUSE I’M BROKE YO! [Note to Self: Switch my life’s theme song from Destiny’s Child’s “ Independent Women” to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. … If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it… Just make sure it comes with the receipt, so I can exchange it for cash.]

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