Ep 3: Something’s Gotta Give

Nancy Myers has written and directed some of my favourite ‘female centric films’. She has a way of bringing out the truth of female friendships, careers and love stories. They are far from the typical air-heady, bubblegum fluff that movies in the category usually puppet. Her heroines are often fiercely self aware, independent and complete in themselves. So a scene from Something’s Gotta Give, I felt, was the perfect fit for episode 3 in my curated list of “Women Talking“.

Just watching this scene gives you an impression of the confidence and clarity of thought the women (and actors) at the table possess. Jack Nicholson of course is the one and only male party to this fun, with all eyes uff banter on and about him. The scene might lose out on a technicality to the famed Bechdel Test, but I think, in my expert opinion, Nancy passes it with a tongue firmly in cheek.

This scene unfolds predictably, but does so in a cute, chic, smart talking fashion. If you don’t wear a smirk on your face through watching it, then you lack sense of humour. It’s a romantic comedy involving near-to-senior-citizens, which in itself is refreshing concept, unique. The conversations are more based out of fact and experience, which in turn heightens emotional intelligence.

So without further ado, ladies (and gentlemen?), I give you- The Dinner Scene. Also known as- The Women’s Point Of View.