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Everything should appear to us as it is. Infinite.

And Poof! He’s Gone.

I got hit on by a magician once. ‘Twasn’t over 3 minutes after I had arrived at the bar that this guy came up to me and started doing card tricks. He hadn’t introduced himself, so I immediately assumed he was hired entertainment at the club! He did 3 quick card tricks and used my pony tail like a vending machine in between every deck flip. I politely laughed at the queen of hearts appearing from under my sleeve but wasn’t much impressed as he stacked up coins on the table with every hair pull. He eyed me cheekily and said, ”I’m trying to make enough money to buy you a drink”. Unfortunately for Mr. Houdini, I was there to meet someone else who’d just arrived- tall, handsome and wearing my favourite crispy white shirt, folded at the elbows.

That was Harry’s cue to silently abracadabra the fuck off, leaving behind his queen of hearts…

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