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No Boon for the Baboon

This is a poem I wrote way back in 2005. Inspired by G.K Chesterton’s “The Donkey”

No Boon For The Baboon

One who stands tall-

The Giraffe.

The fairest of them all-

Snow White.

The prettiest sight at night-

The Moon.

The ugliest animal alive-



With a protruding mouth

And stinking frizzy hair,

She is not just Nature’s worst creation

But every animal’s nightmare!

Her gums are thick as her head

Her eyes are dreamy as her cry,

Her lips are like her bottom – so red

Oh! It’s too true to be a lie!


She is a torture to the eyes,

She is home to the flies,

She is grotesque, she is a horror

And will stay ugly forever!

I pity her though.


May she live long!

And may God save the King! [Kong]

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